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  1. Residents have a strong voice in establishing the 5-year North Central Special Business District by voting “yes” during an upcoming election.
  2. Funds can only be used for the District to enhance safety and security, infrastructure, beautification, and marketing.
  3. Commissioners are appointed from our community.  These Commissioners must live or own property in the District.  The role of Commissioners is to provide the type of public services that residents want.
  4. Current levels of services to the District will not change, rather the North Central Special Business District will provide more services to enhance the area.
  5. Meetings of The North Central Special Business District are open to the public, and notices of activities are published and distributed throughout the community.
  6. An audit will be done annually and available for residents to review.
  7. Already, the proposed North Central Special Business District has attracted additional public and private investment to the area, which would have not been possible before.
  8. The Handcock Amendment stops runaway taxes.